This will depend on the type of conversion you require and the total scale of the job. Once the site has been surveyed and conversion ideas discussed we can then put together a detailed quote based on the specifications. We will also be able to provide an estimated timescale on how long it will take to complete the full job.

Once we have visited your home, discussed your conversion options and conducted a full site survey we are then able to provide a comprehensive quote for the job. If you accept our quote then we can finalise a start date for the project which in some cases can be as quick as four weeks.

Any garage conversion being converted into a habitable space will need to adhere to Building Regulations. Before the commencement of any work on your garage our project management team will always work with Building Control to ensure the details are satisfactory. Alternatively, if you wish to manage your building and planning applications we are more than happy to exclude this from our service at the quotation stage.

This will vary on the type of garage conversion you require and one or two internal factors within the local authority. On many occasions we are able to obtain building regulations very quickly (sometimes in as little as a week) but this is something our Project Management team will be able to update you with once the request has been submitted.

The vast majority of garage conversions do not require planning permission. In the instance where you own an integral or attached garage then it is likely you will only require building regulations, which is a process that our Project Management team can handle if required. Detached garages, or those that are over 30 Sqm may require planning permission before proceeding. This is something our survey team can discuss with you once the garage has been viewed and dimensions fully recorded.

On average, a new garage conversion can add anywhere up to 10% to the value of your property. Compared to many other options such as moving home, or building an extension, the added value it brings to the house is far more than the cost of actually having it built.

Garage conversions are becoming an increasingly popular option because of the wide range of uses they provide. A garage can be transformed from a disused storage space into an exciting new living area that the whole family can benefit from. Below are some examples of what a garage conversion can be used for:
• Studio flat
• Games room
• Bedroom
• Music room
• Dining room
• Living room
• Home Office
• Bathroom
• Annex
• Home gymnasium
• Cinema room
• And much more

Decades of experience within the industry ensures that our customers are able to receive a garage conversion that meets and exceeds their expectations. Building a garage conversion is a specialist job that requires a high level of professional skill and expertise to ensure all of the building and planning regulations are met, while ensuring the job remains cost effective.
This allows us to build a garage conversion within a relatively short space of time without incurring further costs due to mistakes. A professionally built garage conversion will add extra value to both your home and lifestyle, so you don’t have to deal with the stress of building one yourself.

Depending on the scale of the job and what sort of conversion you require, you may be able to save money on your garage conversion. This is something our survey team can discuss in detail once they visit the site and go through the various options available to you, with each package tailored to your specific needs. We always provide detailed quotations that will list every element of the build and we are available to discuss the quote and answer any questions you may have.

Yes, this is an important part of the service that will ensure you get the most from your garage conversion. All our materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed for 10 years from the date of completion, which will be fully detailed in your paperwork. This provides extra assurance that you will receive a conversion of the highest quality from a professional company giving you real value for money.

When we visit your home to discuss your garage conversion we are more than happy to provide references and examples of work completed for other customers. The Garage Consultancy have developed an unbeatable reputation in the industry for the high level of work we guarantee and this is something we are proud to show to new customers anytime they ask.

A good way to make the most of your garage space is to create a partial conversion that also allows room for additional storage. In many cases this will mean you will not even have to remove the garage door, which is a great help for families who do not have access to secure street parking, allowing them to store their motorcycles and bicycles in the garage. Of course, a partial garage conversion is also cheaper, which works well for those on a tight budget.

Before work can commence on the project we do require a deposit once you have confirmed the order, which will act as guarantee against the labour and materials we will purchase specifically for your conversion. The money will be placed in our Deposit Protection Guarantee which is run in conjunction with the Independent Warranty Association (IWA). Before the garage conversion begins, we will supply you with an IWA Deposit Protection certificate so you have a transparent record of the transaction.