Planning Permission

A key part of any garage conversion is understanding if there are any regulations that need to be met and how that can be achieved. As garage conversion experts we can simplify this part of the process for you, providing all the information you need to successfully complete the project.

Below we will go through some of the requirements needed to build a garage conversion on your property.

Permitted Development Allowance

Integral garages – which are those attached to your home featuring an ‘integral door into the main property – are less likely to require planning permission as a garage conversion comes under the ‘Permitted Allowance’ category. Attached garages – which do not feature a door into the property – usually fall into this category too. If you are unsure, our surveyor can clarify your situation when visiting the property.

Planning Permission

If you own a detached garage, or your integral garage does not meet the requirements of Permitted Allowance, you will need to seek planning permission from your local authority. They will then review the proposed plans and make the final decision on whether the garage can be converted.
Once you have submitted your application it can take anywhere up to 8 weeks to receive a final answer. This will depend on how busy the local authority’s planning department is during that period. The Garage Consultancy will liaise with the Planning Officer assigned to your application to keep you updated and if required, make alterations to the plans to meet their recommendations.
Planning permission is usually refused in cases where a garage conversion may impact negatively on nearby neighbours or the local environment. However, we are able to provide clear advice before any work begins to ensure you get the green light and avoid breaking any laws.

Certificate of Lawful Use

You are not legally required to request a Certificate of Lawful Use but it does provide extra assurance that you are able to convert your garage. Applying for this from your local authority will certify that planning permission is not required for the build. It is also important to note that for anyone planning to sell their property, you may be asked to produce the certificate.